Aim High Hoops Pure Shooting Basketball Clinics

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On September 25, 2010, Aim High Hoops will formally be open for business at the first of three Pure Shooting Clinics this fall. The clinics are for 5th-8th grade boys and girls, and the objective of the clinics is to teach players the summary of our Pure Shooting method as seen in our Pure Shooting instructional video. We believe that players will walk away from our clinics completely confident that they know the required steps to become a pure shooter. Coaches and parents in attendance will also know how to help players take the necessary steps to become pure shooters. As we say during the Pure Shooting instructional video, the way to be a pure shooter is a “simple answer that requires a lot of work.” We’re excited to help!

At our Pure Shooting Clinics, players can anticipate an understanding of our 6 Principles as well as our shooting warm-up and shooting workout programs. The player to coach ratio is low enough for players to get individual feedback throughout the clinic. This is important because every player’s shot is distinct and good advice for one player is not always good advice for all players. Our 6 Principles remain the same for players of any age and ability, but there are actually various ways that players can apply the principles to their shots, determined by their current age, level of physical maturity, and skill level.

On sale at the clinics is Pure Shooting, our first instructional video, which breaks down even more the Pure Shooting method we are introducing at the clinics. The video has demonstrations for the 6 Principles, the shooting warm-up, and the shooting workout, using players of different age levels, in addition to various camera angles and on-screen graphics in order to improve viewers’ learning experience.

For the players at the clinics, also available for sale is the Pure Shooter’s Report Card. We’ll use clinic video footage to evaluate a player’s shooting mechanics according to our 6 Principles of Pure Shooting. Based on the 6 Principles, players will understand where their shot mechanics currently stand, and they’ll learn what to do to make their mechanics better.

Please contact us if you are interested in learning more about hosting a Pure Shooting Clinic in your area.

Billy Lewis & Jonathan Schneiderman

Aim High Hoops, Inc.

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